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Laboratorio analisi chimiche settore ceramico

Analyses :

  • Qualitative mineralogical analysis (X-ray diffractometer)

  • Particle size distribution  (laser / sieve)

  • Water absorption %(EN99)

  • C.E.C. (cationic exchange capacity)

  • Specific conductivity and pH

  • Firing in gradient kiln (6 rooms).

  • Colorimetric analysis (CIE 1976 L*a*b* Color Space)

  • Calculation of magnetic substances in ppm

  • Mohs hardness test

  • Brightness analysis

  • Surface microscope

  • L.O.I.

  • Casagrande plasticity (liquid limit, plastic limit,  plasticity index)

  • Pfefferkon plasticity (plasticity index )

  • Flat test pieces prepared by uniaxial pressing with hydraulic press

  • Radioactivity

  • Deep abrasion resistance test on unglazed tiles (EN 102)

  • Surface abrasion resistance test on glazed tiles (EN 154)

  • Specific surface area (a/B.E.T.)

  • Fired linear shrinkage