Our company

Mineral was born in 1988 with the aim of marketing raw materials for ceramic, using qualified technical and commercial systems supported by a research laboratory.

From the beginning, ALCOA (Aluminium Company of America), world leading producer of aluminium, gave support to Mineral; the technical relationship between Alcoa’s and Mineral’s  laboratories brought to the production of new types of aluminium oxide that meet different market’s requirements.

At the same time Mineral developed business relations with:

  • CAOBAR (Caobar S.A)- spanish producer of high quality kaolin
  • GUS (Goerg & Schneider GmbH) – german clay producer
  • JSP (José Sanchis Pennella S.A) – spanish producer of quartz and feldspar
  • KAOSA (KAOSA S.A.  Compania Minera ) – spanish producer of clay, quartz and silica

Mineral developed mining researches on a feldspar quarry in the western Turkey. The good results obtained  pushed Mineral to carry on and strengthen the geological researches on granite quarries in Baveno (Lago Maggiore) and in Corongiu (Southern Sardinia).

Over the years Mineral has strengthened the business relations with the suppliers, especially with Caobar and Alcoa:

Today Mineral is agent/distributor of Caobar and, at the same time, is able to supply the customers with about 10.000 tons/year of calcined alumina for bodies stocked in Ravenna warehouse. This alumina comes by vessel from the ALCOA’s plant in S.Ciprian (Spain) and is supplied in bags, big bags and silo-truck..

Today Mineral is going on researching new materials and, thanks to the business relations with worldwide producers, is able to offer a broad range of products for glazes, including bentonite, zinc oxide, silk screen additives and many others.